How Habits of Culture Shape Our Rational Thinking: A Comparison of Classical Greece and Ancient China

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A succinct yet remarkable incisive study of the complex interplay between language, modes of reading it, and modes of thinking as observed in the surviving literature of classical Greece and the roughly contemporary corpus inherited from the age of Confucius in China.


“Warden explores in depth texts from each corpus to illustrate impressively how habits of culture shape our thinking…The result is superbly legible, and is a major contribution to an evolving field of study…”

-Leonard E. Doucette,
Emeritus Professor of French and Drama, University of Toronto

Table of Contents

Part One: To see ourselves…
A Deuteros plous
1. The Invention of Philosophy
2. The Road Not Taken
3. A Discourse on Method
4. The Ship Comes Home
B Proteron hysteron
5. The Making of the Mind
6. The Making of the Self
7. The Beginning and the End
Part Two:…as others see us
8. On Writing
9. On Knowing
10. Modes of Reasoning
11. From Simile to Metaphor
i. Going forward
ii. Backwards
iii. There and back or round and round
iv. Up and down
v. In and out
Selected Bibliography
An Index of Principal Names and Topics

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