How Educated English Speak English. Pronunciation as Social Behaviour

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A reconsideration of the conception of educated speech in England has become vital in view of recent sociolinguistic change, which made easily recognizable regional affiliations and further-reaching cosmopolitan tendencies involved in the patterning of current educated speech. Recognising the fundamental role of regional accent in the historical development of the English language, the book is meant to lay the foundations for a revised concept and a model of current educated pronunciation. This book contains fifteen color plates and fifteen black and white illustrations.


“The new conception [of Educated English English] is illuminated by a large number of data taken from radio broadcasts at a time when broadcasting in Britain increasingly followed public taste in programme presentation.” - Prof. Walter F. Sendlmeier, Technische Universität Berlin

“. . . this groundbreaking publication makes a substantial contribution and detailed to knowledge of hitherto comparatively neglected topic. It is an indispensable sourcebook for the study of recent developments in spoken English and attitudes towards linguistic variation at a crucial point in the history of the language, not least in its bold proposal for defining the topic at its heart—Educated English English (EEE).” - Prof. J.D.A. Widdowson Centre for English Traditional Heritage

Table of Contents

Foreword by J.D.A. Widdowson, Ph.D.
1. The Relevance of Speech Accent in England
2. Prestigious Speech versus Regional Dialect
3. Reactions to the Traditional Language Hierarchy
4. Broadcast English as Mirror and Indicator
Index of Persons (non-linguists)
Index of Subjects

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