How Albert the Great’s Speculum Astronomiae Was Interpreted and Used by Four Centuries of Readers: A Study in Late Medieval Medicine, Astronomy and Astrology

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This study analyzes the readership of a work commonly known as a Speculum astronomiae from the time of its production in the mid-thirteenth century to the point when it lapsed from learned discourse to in the late fifteenth century.


“. . . it provides valuable data for a determination of the text’s reception in the medieval and early modern worlds." – Prof. Irven M. Resnick, University of Tennessee

“For one wishing to glimpse the medieval and Renaissance debate about the stars, Hendrix’s study offers a lively and learned entrée into that world.” – Prof. Laura Ackerman Smoller, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Table of Contents

Astrology's Movement from the Fringes to the Center
Chapter I
Defending Albert's Reputation? A Consideration of the Controversy
Concerning the Authorship of the Speculum astronomiae
Chapter II
Faith and Reason in Conflict?
Chapter III
The Link Between Natural Philosophy and Metaphysics: The Place
of Astrology in Albert the Great's System of Thought.
Chapter IV
Readers and their Approach to the Speculum astronomiae
Chapter V
Whether for it or Against it, you can't Ignore it: Readers and the Speculum astronomiae.
Chapter VI
The Death and Reincarnation of an Authority.
Appendix A
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