History of the Sacred Musical Life of an Orthodox Church in America

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This is the musical chronicle of Saints Constantine and Helen Serbian
Orthodox Church, established more than 100 years ago by Tsar Nicholas, II. Founded by Serbian and Greek immigrants, it has had Syrro-Arabian, Russian, Greek and Serbian pastors and music from each of these cultures. With
American, Serbian, Greek, Arab, and Russian parishioners, the multi-lingual approach used here may serve as a model for other Orthodox Churches in America.


"This is a project whose depth and magnitude has not been approached before now. Orthodox Christians in the United States often take for granted the musical traditions of their Churches. When they pick up the service book, it is a continuation of the ethnic tradition into which they were born ... This is a story told in detail and in gentleness about times which were often tumultuous and problematic. It is more than just our story, though; it touches on many of the problems and successes of Orthodox parishes throughout the United States." - Reverend Srdjan Veselinovich, Pastor, Saints Constantine and Helen Serbian Orthodox Church, Galveston, Texas

Table of Contents

Memory Eternal
The Russian Orthodox Church in the New World
No Longer Russian Alaska
Galveston Island
Serbian Immigrants to Texas
Building a Church
The Answer is Yes
The Great Storm
Galveston after the Revolution
Splitting the Parish – the Greeks found a Church
Russian and Serbian
Serbian Orthodox
The Issues of Language
Problems About Jurisdiction – the Supreme Court Ruling
Converts and Growth
Music at the Turn of the 21st Century
Concluding Suggestions

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