History of a Popular European Radio Station: From Radio Luxembourg to Rtl.fr (2 Vol Set)

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The book traces the history of a famous non-specialized commercial radio station, through from its beginnings in trans-frontier broadcasting in the 1930’s to its enviable position at the heart of a Europe-wide multi-media empire. Indeed, part of the book relates to rivalry with the BBC and other European broadcasters before and after the Second World War. The station played a pivotal role in the events of May 1968, and the evolving attitudes to homosexuality and other subjects, affecting even the use of language. Echoing the instability of the media world and the commercial and political tensions within it, the book also shows the struggle with various governments to defend freedom of expression.


“This is the story, firstly of Radio Luxembourg and latterly of RTL, placed expansively on record. It is one which I commend to you as the fruit of their respective labors of love: in research, writing and translation.”
Prof. Guy Starkey,
University of Sunderland

“The essential contribution of this book is that it proves irrefutably that radio, too often overlooked by media observers and researchers, has never ceased to pave the way for new forms of expression.”
Prof. Francis Ball,
Universite Pantheon-Assas

“He retraces skillfully and with precision a story full of twists and turns, bringing to light new information on changing sensitivities and the many forces at work in the field of broadcasting.”
Prof. Jean Joel Jeanneney,
Institut d’Etudes Politiques

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