History of a New Zealand Pentecostal Movement the New Life Churches of New Zealand From 1946 to 1979

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This book traces the emergence of the movement in the mid 1940s and its growth to become one of the largest Pentecostal bodies in New Zealand in the 1970s. It examines the ways in which this movement’s original revivalism became linked with moralist concerns and with the application of political pressure for social change. A secondary avenue of enquiry is the way in which the New Life Churches and the emerging new Zealand Charismatic movement had reciprocal effects. Includes biographical notes on important figures, maps of the movement'’ development and expansion, and an extensive bibliography.


“. . . While Brett Knowles focuses on New Zealand and on the New Life Churches, there is much that resonates with the Australian Pentecostal church. . . . indispensable reading to anyone seeking to understand the Australasian Pentecostal church. . . . writes as an insider. He is scholarly and objective, but also affectionate and involved. As an added bonus, he is a pleasure to read. . . . There are many fascinating anecdotal insights into grass-roots evangelism and church life and politics. . . . The book also contains some important appendices including statistical information and maps of the growth of the movement, biographical notes on important figures, and an extensive bibliography.” – Pneuma: the Journal of the Society for Pentecostal Studies

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword: A note on Nomenclature; Preface
1. Evacuation!
2. For the Sake of ‘The Name’
3. The Bethel Temple Legacy
4. Latter Rain!
5. The Latter Rain Legacy
6. Australian Developments
7. Catalyst for change: the new Evangelicalism
8. Day of small beginnings
9. Break-through!
10. Rod Coady and expansion in the South
11. Filling the Pastoral Gap
12. Parting of the Ways
13. The Glory Years: 1960 to 1965
14. The Nature of the Movement I: The Sectarian Impulse
15. The Nature of the Movement II: the Anti-Ecumenical Impulse
16. The Nature of the Movement III: The Missionary Impulse
17. The Indigenous Churches and the rise of the Charismatic movement
18. A tale of two churches I: the Palmerston North Christian Fellowship
19. A tale of two churches II: Peter Morrow and the Christchurch New Life Centres
20. The growth of the Charismatic movement and its effect on the Indigenous Churches
21. ‘the times they are a-changing’
22. The 1972 Jesus Marches
23. The Moralist Movement and the Indigenous Churches
24. Moralist Initiatives I: Accelerated Christian Education
25. Moralist Initiatives II: The ‘Save Our Homes’ Campaign
26. Growth, Accountability and the ‘Discipleship Controversy’
27. Moves towards Pentecostal unity: Ern Baxter and Jack Hayford
28. The significance of the 1975 Snell’s Beach Convention
29. Towards Pentecostal Church Union
30. The Indigenous Chruches in the 1970s: Growth and Dynamism
31. Epilogue
Appendix 1: the Pentecostals – See how they grow
Appendix 2: Biographies
Appendix 3: Maps: Growth of the Movement
Bibliography, Indexes.

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