History of American Medicine from the Colonial Period to the Early Twentieth Century

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This book has long been needed as a concise review of American medical history for college level, graduate, and medical students. Written by a surgeon with doctoral training in the history of medicine, this work is helpful in giving an overview of the topic to beginning graduate students in the field, before beginning specialization. It will also serve the medical student with a special interest in the history of medicine, or as a textbook in those medical schools that have a history sequence in their medical humanities offerings.


“ ... the importance of philanthropy in upgrading medical education is developed through a cogent discussion of its influence on the development of the Johns Hopkins medical school, the improvement of the older institutions and the meaning of the Flexner report. The synthesis of all these topics by an author with no particular axe to grind has resulted in a very readable and useful volume for a highly varied patronage. This publication provides a long needed [resource] for use in college courses on the history of American medicine. It has sufficient depth to give insight into the development of American medical education and its attendant problems ...” – (From the Foreword) Ralph C. Gordon, M.D., Michigan State University

“ ... [In this work] the treatment of American Indian medicine and its influence on the early colonists [is] interesting and informative. So also is the treatment of the founding of medical schools in the United States. The 'Conclusions' at the end of each chapter will be helpful for students using this book as a text.” – Professor Leonard G. Wilson, University of Minnesota

Table of Contents

Foreword by Ralph C. Gordon
1. Europeans Invade Indian America
2. Colonists Impose Themselves
3. Europeans Knew Medicine Before
4. Medicine Gets Academic
5. And Now We Can Put Them to Sleep
6. Not Only Regular Doctors Cure
7. Not for White Men Only
8. Nation Up in Arms
9. Americans Reject Science
10. Knife at Work and the Bugs What
11. Hopkins Takes the Lead
12. Modern Americans Arrive with More: The Twentieth Century Unfolds

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