History as Narrative in the Deuteronomistic History and Chronicles

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It has long been recognized that, though they describe the same period of Israel’s history, the Deuteronomistic History and Chronicles do so in quite different ways due to the different theological perspectives and purposes of their respective writers. This is the first systematic comparative study into the theological concerns of each writer as demonstrated through their respective portrayal of the Davidic monarchy. It defines briefly ancient Israelite historiographical methods in relation to both the Ancient Near Eastern context and modern theories concerning the writing of history. The majority of the work then presents a comparative analysis of the portrayal of select Davidic kings. The final chapter offers a description of the overall historiographical methods and theological concerns of both the Deuteronomist and the Chronicler, as well as an evaluation for the relative value of each account for a modern reconstruction of the history of the Davidic monarchy.


“Raney has constructed a valuable collection of positions and arguments for understanding both the nature of ancient history and the purpose of the DH and Chr. Whether or not one agrees with his findings, a reader cannot leave this work without seriously evaluating what he or she has believed about the nature of the Davidic monarchy and these two central books of the Bible.” – Timothy M. Pierce

“He is thoroughly familiar with the scholarship both ancient and modern, and demonstrates this throughout in his astute evaluations….He is thoroughly honest with the biblical text, its problems, and its potential. He sustains interest throughout, sometimes while handling complex material.” – Dan Gentry Kent, Professor of Old Testament, retired, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Table of Contents

Foreword (Kenneth Gore, Chair, Dept of Religion and Philosophy, Williams Baptist College)
History and the Old Testament
Founding of the Davidic Monarchy
The Division of the Davidic Monarchy
From the Division to the Fall of the Northern Kingdom
From the Fall of the Northern Kingdom to the Babylonian Exile
Comparative Evaluation of the DTR and CHR as Historians

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