History and Legend of the Colonial Maya of Guatemala

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“The depth of the scholarship expressed in this book is impressive. Dr. Yamase has diligently read the relevant literature on Maya aboriginal and colonial history, and has offered innovative interpretations of key developments within that history. I particularly applaud Mr. Yamase for his mastery of the literature, and willingness to work his way through both the Spanish and K’iche’ languages. I also find considerable ingenuity, as well as vigor, in his arguments, and he reveals a breadth of coverage that is laudable and useful…. I recommend the book as an important and original contribution to Maya studies, particularly from an Ethnohistory (or historical anthropology) perspective…. He challenges much of the best work in Maya ethnohistory….I predict that scholars and educated readers alike will find his account both provocative and worthwhile.” – Robert M. Carmack, University at Albany, New York

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Preface; Introduction
1. Ethnohistory, Historical Anthropology and History
2. History of the K’iche’ (Quiche) and Kaqchikel (Cakchiquel) Peoples
3. Introduction to Various Native Guatemalan Documents and Other Sources
4. Were the K’iche Maya Less ‘Civilized’ that the Yucatec Maya? A Consideration of the Writing System, A Perspective from the European and the ‘New World’ Peoples
5. The City of Tula: The Problem of Tula in Native Guatemalan Texts
6. The Aztec and Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin: Another Problem in Mesoamerican History
7. Christianity in the Myths of the Creation of the World: Native Guatemalan Texts and the Impact of Theologia Indorum
Conclusion; Bibliography; Index

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