Historical Ethnography of Rural Perthshire, 1750-1950

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This work applies an ethnological approach to the study of changing patterns of social organization over the past two centuries within the author’s native county in Scotland. The result represents a detailed ethnographic study of a period of great change in rural Scotland, but one in which a strong emphasis on tradition ensured a degree of continuity underpinned the daily and seasonal lives of those who earned their livelihoods directly from the soil. This book contains 7 black and white photographs.


“Gary West has here produced an invaluable ethnological study, impregnated with his personal involvement in the area of Perthshire, and setting the subject and its various aspects more widely within the context of current anthropological and sociological theory.” - Professor Alexander Fenton, European Ethnological Research Centre, Edinburgh

“This is a hugely worthwhile project, in terms of an innovative combination of methodological approaches, topographical focus, and its contribution to the field of ethnological and historical study. I would envisage it becoming a standard text for use by students in ethnology, anthropology and Scottish history.” - Dr. Valentina Bold, Head of Scottish Studies, Crichton Campus, University of Glasgow

"This is a very valuable study, simultaneously detailed, readable and accessible.” - Dr. Linda-May Ballard, National Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland

Table of Contents

List of Tables
List of Figures
Foreword by Alexander Fenton
List of Abbreviations
1 Introduction
2 Perthshire Agriculture Improved
3 Family Roles
4 A Family Apart: The Bothy System
5 Communal Labor Systems
6 Exchange Labor
7 Charity Labor
8 Communal Labor: Contextual Analysis
9 Conclusions

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