Historias, Mitos Y Leyendas De La Laguna Blanca, Neuquen, Argentina: The Oral Memories of a Member of the Mapuche Tribe

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Nominated for the 2012 South Central Modern Language Association Prize
Narrated by Carlos Quilaqueo, and meticulously transcribed and analyzed by Perea-Fox and Iriarte, this collection of Mapuche stories is an invaluable resource for Mapuche cultural, literary, and anthropological studies.

This text is the most complete collection and first direct transcription of Mapuche oral histories, myths, and legends.


"Transcribed as close as possible to the original, these stories are of great value to anybody interested in Latin American culture." – Prof. Dennis L. Seager, Oklahoma State University

“…the authors recognize the fact that only Quilaqueo can tell these stories in the authentic and meaningful way that a Mapuche such as himself, with ample knowledge of the people, the geography, and the flora and fauna of the region, is able to do…. ” – Dr. Nancy Bird-Soto, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“This book will appeal to a broad readership of biologists, anthropologists, and sociologists, as well as those interested mainly in literature and legend.” – Prof. Alice F. Echelle, Oklahoma State University

Table of Contents

Prefacio por Dennis Seager
Los relatos
Relatos históricos
Relatos sobre aves
Relatos sobre otros animales
Relatos sobre flora
Relatos sobre seres y experiencias fantásticas
Relatos sobre rituales y tradiciones
Información general sobre la Laguna Blanca

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