Henry Melchior Muhlenberg - The Roots of 250 Years of Organized Lutheranism in North America Essays in Memory of Helmut T. Lehmann

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These essays aim to deepen and broaden knowledge and understanding of the work, thought, and relationship of Muhlenberg in the colonial American setting.


“. . . welcome addition to American Lutheran literature. . . . the volume is a helpful model of the historiographical enterprise. . . . As a collection, this volume shows clearly how each historian brings personal assumptions to the task, as well as the manner in which those assumptions color his or her interpretation. How else are to explain how people dealing with precisely the same historical facts come to such radically different conclusions. The volume tempers the notion of a purely scientific, objective history, which was itself, after all, a product of rationalism . . . . . . if one is interested in the history of American Lutheranism, this volume is quite helpful. Further, the articles in this collection will aid one in deciphering Pietism’s sometimes overt and sometimes subtle presence. . . .” – Concordia Theological Quarterly

"Appropriately in this 250th anniversary year of organized Lutheranism in North America - Henry Melchior Muhlenberg's Ministerium of Pennsylvania first met August 14-15, 1748 - one of its fine historians is appropriately saluted with these studies. They seek to explore, with clarity, what Helmut treasured: the experiences of forebears in faith." - from the Foreword by John Reumann

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Foreword, Introduction
1. Henry Melchior Muhlenberg: Orthodox Pietist (A. G. Roeber, Comment by Sally Schwartz)
2. Muhlenberg' Relationship to African Americans (Jeff G. Johnson, Comment by Michael Cobbler)
3. The Political Maturation of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg (Faith E. Rohrbough, Comment by Samuel R. Zeiser)
4. The 1748 Liturgy and the 1786 Hymnal (Mark W. Oldenburg, Comment by Jann E. B. Fullenwieder)
5. The Desert is Vast and the Sheep Are Dispersed: Muhlenberg's Views of the Immigrant Church (Marianne S. Wokeck, Comment by John W. Kleiner)
6. The Relationship Between Swedish and German Churchmen in the Muhlenberg Era (Peter Stebbins Craig, Comment by Maria Erling)
7. Archival Sources for Muhlenberg Research (John Peterson)

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