Hemingway's Education, a Reexamination

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This book provides fresh evidence suggesting that Ernest Hemingway’s high school education contributed considerably more to his development as a mature writer than has thus far been known. The author makes use of his own research and a collection of Hemingway's high school writing never before published. Adding his findings to the previously available information, the author reassesses the development of Hemingway as a writer. This book contains twenty-eight black and white photographs and six pages of facsimiles.


“This is the first comprehensive advance in our knowledge and understanding of Ernest Hemingway’s high school education since the initial Hemingway biographies in the 1950s and ‘60s. ... Perhaps the glimpses offered here into Hemingway’s education have already revealed enough to explain why many readers will ask at least one question as they finish reading this book. Should we still assume that Hemingway’s famous ‘Moveable Feast’ - his magically good fortune - began in Paris, or did it begin when John Calvin Hanna came to Oak Park High School?” - (From the Foreword by Bickford Sylvester, Emeritus English, The University of British Columbia)

"The signal importance of Buske's book lies in his discovery and analysis of documents and information that open a previously obscured vista of the intellectual and imaginative underpinnings of nascent talents that evolved into the artistic 'personage' of Ernest Hemingway. Professional educators and Hemingway scholars will find Buske's work illuminating and gratifying." - Joseph DeFalco, Professor of English, emeritus, Marquette University

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Foreword by Bickford Sylvester
1 Prologue: The Legacy of Principal Hanna - Background to the Hemingway Years at Oak Park High School
2 Freshman Year
3 Sophomore Year
4 Junior Year
5 Senior Year
6 Epilogue
Appendix A - Biographies of Selected Oak Park Faculty Member who had taught, advised, or otherwise known Ernest in high school
Appendix B - “English - The Core of a Secondary Course”: 1898 Address by Principal Hanna to the NEA; “One Hundred Books of Unqualified Value for High School Students to Read”: 1899 NEA publication by Principal Hanna
Appendix C - The Ernest Hemingway Mainland Collection of Hemingway’s High School Papers (acquired by the Oak Park Public Library and on display there): Transcribed and annotated by Patrick Gregg with Albert J. DeFazio III

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