Hanging On

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"Poet and doctor, lay Liveson explores a world of extremem contingency. His voice is deeply compassionate, earthy, and haunted by loss. . . . The poet also has wildly playbul voice at his disposal.. . .and writes with unforced tenderness of family life. But the wilderness is never far away." D. Nurske

"A good poetry collection, like a good art exhibit or concert program, surprise the eye or ear even as it provides familiar pleasures. The poetry in Jay Liveson’s lively and disparate collection, Hanging On, covers a wide range of moods and themes drawn from medical life, family life, and sometimes quirky moments of private musing. . . . The mature perspective in these poems will appeal to those who, like the writer, have loved to witness much. Though they vary in technical finesse the poems in this collection speak strongly and honestly of much that is unsettling, awkward, and hard. And they challenge the reader to do likewise." Journal of the American medical Association

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