Ground of This Blue Earth

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In broad and nuanced trompe l’oeil brushstrokes, this quiescent spiritual odyssey of witness and withness celebrates people and place, psychic polis, evokes primal ch’i, desert geomancy, and intensifies and merges oil-to-pastel visceral landscape of vision into what Ghostwalk whispers: The ‘long tao of dawn’ where all interiors call.


"Gerry Gordon’s poems have a clarity and an energy that lead from a soul that could easily have been a painter’s or a musician’s. And he just gets better and better as he shows in Ground of This Blue Earth. It is a magical book." Keith Wilson

"Gerry Gordon’s Ground of This Blue Earth is an invitation to the sensitive, discerning reader to an enchanted world woven of memory and desire drawn in intimate, vibrant colours that merge with the cosmic blue capturing the eternal in the rhythms of the fleeting life here on this blue earth. Be still. Wait. Let the haunting harmony of the words settle in before we sleep." - Jacob George

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