George Crabbe's Poetry on Borderland

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Establishes Crabbe as a figure on the border, not only as an earlier practitioner of realism, but also as a poet who is simultaneously a parson and one who is in his poetry interested in liminal states. This work is a powerful introduction to Crabbe and to the challenges he poses to the categories he continually eludes.


"Gavin Edwards' work on Crabbe is the best we have: authoritative in its knowledge of Crabbe and his times, brilliant in its interpretation of Crabbe's still-unappreciated poetry. The publication of George Crabbe's Poetry on Borderland is a major intellectual event for all those interested in English poetry." - J. Hillis Miller

"He says excellent things about the Widow Goe and Catherine Lloyd in The Parish Register, for example, and his reading of late-eighteenth century social history can be illuminating and genuinely helpful to both the poetry and the reader. Such passages earn the book its place on the shelf." - British Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies

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