Geography as a Tool for Developing the Mind: A Theory of Place-Making

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This study proposes that geographic theory can provide an explanation of how self-reflective consciousness is the basis of the relationship among self, society, and nature. It then applies this principles to how the social is constituted.


"Sack’s theory is vastly richer and is applicable to all types of place, ranging in size from a room to a nation-state, to (say) an entity as large and vaguely bounded as the British Commonwealth of Nations; and to such seemingly disparate topics as the sentiment for home, patriotism, the use of place to constrain or free, memory and place, time and place, territoriality, circulation through space, internet and globalization, attitudes to nature, environmental sustainability, the authenticity and inauthenticity of places, their rise and fall." - Yi-Fu Tuan, Vilas Research Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“[This book] learned, informed, reflective, and it makes one of the most humane arguments I have read in thirty years.”- Prof. Lee Palmer Wandel, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“. . . a major contribution to geography and our understanding of human beings as placemakers.” ­ - Prof. J. Christopher Brown, University of Kansas­

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