Geographies of Freemasonry: Ritual, Lodge and City in Spatial Context

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This book examines the ritual construction of sacred space on multiple spatial scales as practiced by the Fraternity of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. Included in the study is a history of Freemasonry and illustrations of the separation of Masonic space on larger scales, namely the Masonic Temples. This book contains fourteen black and white photographs.


“As an established geographic scholar and educator, [Dr. Kuhlke] journeyed deeply into the accumulated ritual; and the philosophical as spiritual knowledge of Freemasonry. . . .In particular, Dr. Kuhlke’s work examines one aspect of this great treasure –hermetic thought—and connects it the writings of the most recent philosophers and geographic thinkers.” – Dr. Raymond G. Christenson, MD, Assistant Dean of Rural Health, University of Minnesota – Duluth, Grand Master of Masons in Minnesota, 2007-2008

“In this book Kuhlke persuasively argues that, while Freemasonry is not a formal organized religion, the use of space by this historical fraternal organization draws upon a myriad of ancient belief systems to guide its members toward an orderly and moral everyday life. -- Dr. Robert J. Kruse II, Assistant Professor of Geography, West Liberty State College

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface by Dr.Raymond G. Christenson
Preface by Dr. Raymond Robert J. Kruse
1 From Hearth to Cosmos and Back: Religious Life, Existentialist Geography, and the Creation of Sacred Space
2 Masonic Ritual and the Enactment of Sacred Space
3 Masonic Lodges as a Paradigmatic Sacred Spaces
4 Masonic Cities – Reality or Fistion?

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