From Gosplan to Market Economy. Mathematical Analysis of the Evolution of the Russian Economic Structures

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Based upon an original method of mathematical modeling of the economy—“a systems analysis of evolving economy.” It contains a full description and discussion of the results of the analysis of the models of marketing and centrally planned economy; the economy of the transition and the structure of the economy of the USSR and Russia; the important consequences of the economic decisions of that period; the model of the economy which formed in Russia after the reforms of 1992; the terms and opportunities of the economy’s transition to the equilibrium market structures of today. The authors have developed a unique system of mathematical models verified with Russian economic statistics, which enables an objective analysis of the Russian economy to pinpoint trends in its development.


Academician A. A. Petrov is an authority on mathematical modeling in Russian economics as are Professors I.G. Pospelov and A.A. Shananin. A.A. Petrov led the scientific team of economists and mathematicians in developing this unique model analysis.

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