Friedrich Schleiermacher's Essay on a Theory of Sociable Behavior (1799)

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Awarded the Adele Mellen Prize for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Addresses the question of why Schleiermacher never completed the two final parts of his work, Essay on a Theory of Sociable Behavior, the first two parts of which were published in the 1799 January and February editions of Berlinisches Archiv der Zeit und ihres Geschmacks. The author’s argument is persuasive that it was never completed because Schleiermacher made the move from an understanding of sociability that was secular to a much fuller understanding of sociability as religious.


“ ... Dr. Foley’s argument is framed within a fascinating discussion of the salon. While much has been written on the salons in Europe during this period of time, the important contribution to the discussion is his new understanding of the extent to which the German Pietistic movement, and the Moravians, in particular, influenced Schleiermacher’s understanding of sociability ...” – Dr. Ruth Drucilla Richardson, Center for Schleiermacher Studies

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Henriette Herz’s Salon
3. Dialogue and Dialectic
4. Philosophical Content of the Essay
5. The Unfinished Essay
Appendix: Essay on a Theory of Sociable Behavior

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