Framework for Sustainable Global Development and Effective Governance of Risk

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Nominated for the 2012 Harold and Margaret Sprout Award
This work outlines an accessible framework for the current and future exploration of a sustainable development. The work explores sustainable development from the global and the local levels of analysis.


“Drawing together a sophisticated theoretical base and applying a rigorous empirical study Borne has succeeded in producing some groundbreaking insights into the governance of sustainable development at both the global and the local scales of analysis. . . . This text will move the research agenda in a number of fields in new directions. Academics and practitioners will find this to be an indispensible text and will be required reading for all those interested in sustainable development, governance, risk and the broad relationship of humanity with its environment.” – Prof. Simon Payne, University of Plymouth

“Not only does this book provide a fascinating insight into an array of sustainable development discourses, [this book] has important implications for future policy in this field. – Prof. Alison Anderson, University of Plymouth

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