Flannery O’ Connor, Literary Theologian

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This volume sets forth and explores critically O’Connor’s personal habits and disciplines, as well as examining her resources of being and her own reflections on them.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword; Introduction; Chronology
Literary Biography: Religiously Ground Artistic Life
Catholic and Southern Roots: Savannah; Atlanta; Milledgeville
Literary Apprenticeship and Spiritual Development in the North: At the Iowa Writers’ Workshop; At the Yaddo Writers’ Colony; In New York City; On the Fitzgeralds’ Suburban Connecticut Farm
Artistic and Religious Maturity at Home in the South: Habits and Milieu of Pre-Vatican II Southern Catholicism; Patrician Daughter in the Pre-Civil Rights Rural South; New Catholic Woman; Between First and Second Wave Feminism
Book Reviews: Disciplined Practice: Flannery O’Connor as a Book Reviewer; Published Book Review; Unpublished Book Review; Alphabetical List of the Books Reviewed; the Books Reviewed
Conclusion; Bibliography; Index

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