Faust Legend in Music and Literature Volume I

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An interdisciplinary examination of the musico-literary interstices of the Faust legend, including works by German, French, and Italian authors, composers, and librettists.


". . . in many ways even more illuminating and informative than the first volume. . . . Professor Grim's study is a work of impressive erudition and meticulous research. . . . he often manages to present fresh interpretive insights. . . . of interest to scholars in a variety of humanistic disciplines as well as to a discriminating general reading public." - Steven P. Scher

Table of Contents

Volume I: ". . . the Busoni chapter (chapter 4) makes some exciting and interesting points that bear directly on any theory of word-music relations. . . . his discussion of Busoni's theory of organicism as it relates to the operatic setting is enlightening. . . . The final chapter, on Thomas Mann, is the most consistently satisfying chapter of the book. . . " - Ars Lyrica
Volume II:
"The second volume of Grim's Faust study fleshes out and in some ways improves upon the first volume. . . . the two volumes taken together now cover more works and thus give a truer representation of the scope of the Faust legend's musico-literary impact and importance. The composers and authors included here range from Gounod, Berlioz, Schumann, Berg and Wedekind, Bryusov and Prokofiev on the other side of the Atlantic, to Kerouac, Pynchon, Benet and Moore on American soil." - Ars Lyrica

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