Explaining Imagism: The Imagist Movement in Poetry and Art

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In the present study, the innovative and cerebral poetry of the Imagist movement, which revolutionized modern English and American poetry, has been analyzed in its contextual and intertextual relationships with other arts. Consequently, the book is like the texts it attempts to investigate, a peculiar hybrid, a collage of three basic materials or analytical perspectives: an excerpt from an Imagist manifesto sketched out in handwriting (context), a torn out printed page from a first edition of Des Imagistes (text), and a photograph of a museum installation of a room devoted to Modernist art (intertext).


“Wacior’s study offers a much looked-for re-valuation of the whole corpus of Imagist poetry, highlighting not only its well-known characteristics but also offering many original insights and a refreshingly novel approach.” - Leszek S. Kolek, Professor dr hab., Chair in Anglo-Irish Studies, Maria Curie-Skodowska University, Lublin, Poland

“Wacior marshals an amazing array of references, bringing along a number of instances in order to illustrate how and where the Imagist poetry is intertwined with and permeated by the visual arts, sculpture, photography, the movies and music. Wacior’s book brings a lot to a broadly conceived literary history of Anglo-American poetry; both professional and general readers will find it inspiring, illuminating, and accessible.” - Professor Józef Japola, Head of Department of Comparative Literature, The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Table of Contents

1 Modernist Mutations - Context
a. General
b. Sources, Themes, Groups, Poets
2 Textual Tapestries - Text
a. Des Imagistes 1914
b. Some Imagist Poets 1915
c. Some Imagist Poets 1916
d. Some Imagist Poets 1917
3 Heterogeneous Hybrids - Intertext
a. Photography
b. Painting
c. Sculpture
d. Music

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