Experienced Hunter and Marksman

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In the year 1832 a Spanish press published a book on the hunting experience of a local gentleman. This book was intended to be a manual on how to hunt. We do not know the name of the author, only his initials: D. J. M. G. N. This vademecum is the product of many years of field work which started, according to the author, in 1772. It is rich in historical detail and overlooks nothing. The strength of the writer comes from an excellent knowledge of the Spanish country and forest that includes most of the flora and fauna known at that time. The narrative is so remarkable that even the modern man can learn about a past way of life with its technology and scientific observation still practised by many minimalists in search of the pure adventure.


“Spain, since its unification in 1492 ... always had a tradition of hunting which was practiced by the nobility sometimes with a great deal of pageantry when the king himself was hunting, but most frequently it was done by a lone knight accompanied by his faithful dog and a friend. Today, we know a lot about the sporting activities of these noblemen; Spanish chroniclers have been busy keeping exact records of those hunts ... This small treatise is a rich source of details, all needed by the aspiring hunter to successfully go to the fields and to come back home safely, with his bag full with game ... the whole world hunted; a diversion that took place in a civilization at the first period of the Iron Age and is still part of our modern way of life ... ” – (from the Commendatory Preface) Michael Holden, Associate Professor of English, Delaware State University

“... the translator himself, an avid hunter and a keen observer on nature and hunting, is the perfect man to translate this autobiography on the life of a gentleman totally dedicated to his sport. This book was designed to be more than a manual on how to hunt. It is rich in culture, adventure, and simply plain fun ... a fun reading translation, which gives a brief look into a modern day sport from centuries past.” – Richard McCallister, Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages, Delaware State University

"After reading many books on nature and hunting, it is with great pleasure to have an English translation ... This Spanish gentleman made history when he published a book on the hunting experience of his lifetime ... The finished product is rich in historical details, advice on the weather and safety recommendations ... Suggestions are even made on what type of clothing he should have, including the comfort of his boots ... ” – Edward Dawley, Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages, Delaware State University

Table of Contents

Translator’s Note
Preface by Michael Holden
1. This chapter will deal with the quality the barrel should have
2. How the shotgun should be loaded
3. How the barrel should be washed
4. What precautions one should take when he goes to the fields
5. Of the different prohibited ways
6. On the matter of how beginners should learn
7. The most important thing that the hunter should know
8. How to look for and hunt partridges
9. How one should hunt, shoot, look for, identify the bushes and hunt rabbits
10. How one should look for and hunt hares
11. On the way to look for and to hunt quails
12. On the guinea fowl
13. How to hunt wild doves
14. On the time when the doves come
15. On the snipes
16. On the water’s pullet
17. On the wild pigeon
18. On the way one should hunt big game with fur
19. How one should hunt, shoot and retrieve the javelin
20. What one should observe during the night
21. On the manner of hunting wolves
22. How one can easily kill foxes
23. What are the battues (or hunting which is all the same)
24. On the manner one should shoot game
25. On the manner one should raise good hunting dogs
26. On the secret of how to kill fish
27. On the harness of the fisherman with the rod
28. On the bait and manner of fishing

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