Exegetical Study of the Nuptial Symbolism in Matthew 9:15

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This work offers an ample view of how Matthew 9:15 has been interpreted in the course of the centuries, beginning from Origen up to the present day, bringing a more contemporary interpretation to light. This work provides stimulus to the discussion about the right interpretation of the parables about a rich text such as Matthew 9:15.


“It may seem an exaggeration to have, as the topic of a whole book, the explanation of one single Gospel verse. But the verse dealt with in this work, Matthew 9,15, presents a series of problems whose solution is disputed. It deserves, therefore, a study in depth ... The present work is characterized by a wide methodological sweep, a deep historical interest, and an accurate argumentation. It engages in a precise methodological discussion regarding the interpretation of the symbolic language of the Bible. In this context, it ponders over the pre-comprehensions on which the interpretive choices are grounded and even attempts to name them ...” Fr. P. Klemens Stock, S.J., Pontificium Institutum Biblicum de Urb, Rome

“It is my pleasure to write a few words for the publication of this inspiring volume of my confrere, Dr. Lanfranco M. Fedrigotti, SDB. Out of his urge for evangelization and love of biblical studies, he started doctoral research at the Pontificium Institutum Biblicum in Rome. Many issues emerge which, I believe, will lead to a better framing of exegetical work, particularly on the use of Scriptural symbolism with reference to the inter-testamentary unity and harmony. It is also my hope that Fr. Fedrigotti’s effort will contribute to the emergence of a renewed enthusiasm and method of reading the Scriptures.” – Fr. Savio HON Tai Fai, SDB, Holy Spirit Seminary College of Theology and Philosophy, Hong Kong; Pontifical Academy of Theology, Rome; International Theological Commission, Vatican

“Deeply embedded in the theology of the Hebrew Bible, nuptial symbolism, with its many inter-related motifs (Bridegroom, Bride, Wedding Feast, to mention only the more obvious ones), plays an important and pervasive role, both thematic and non-thematic, in the New Testament. Hence, Jesus’ thematic use of the symbolism or of any of its motifs is an important indication of his self-consciousness, particularly his Isaian consciousness. Fr. Fedrigotti’s systematic and wide-ranging study of Jesus’ saying in Matthew 9:15 is important both in itself and for the impetus it will give to studies of other relevant passages, allowing the full range of nuptial symbolism to emerge as paradigmatic for a more complete theology of Covenant.” – Rev. Fr. Seán Ó Cearbhalláin S.J., Holy Spirit Seminary College of Theology and Philosophy, Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Catholic Biblical Institute

Table of Contents

Foreword by P. Klemens Stock, S.J.
I. Two Eras of Exegetical Endeavor, A Theory of Parable Interpretation, Parable and Allegory, A Method for the Way Ahead
II. The Text, Lexicon, and Semantics of Matt 9:15
III. Matt 9:15’s Nuptial Feasting and Nuptial Mourning Symbolism from YHWH the Nuptial Initiator to Jesus the Bridegroom
IV. The Immediate Context of Matt 9:15: Matt 9:14-17, A Challenge and a Revelation: “Convert to the New and Eternal Nuptials!”
V. The Nuptial Theme in Matt as a Whole
VI. Conclusion
List of Acronyms and Abbreviations
Index of Authors
Index of Biblical References

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