Evolving God in Jewish Process Theology

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This book is the first systematic examination of process themes in contemporary Jewish theology. After an overview of process theology, it traces process motifs in the writings of contemporary Jewish thinkers. Process theology as a kind of post-modernism is then explored. In conclusion it discusses the parallel concerns and inevitable tensions between Whiteheadian-Hartshornian process theology and contemporary Jewish theologies, and how the foundations for Jewish process theology require supplementation by process thinkers in the broader tradition, such as Alexander and Bergson.


"This overview of modern Jewish thought from the perspective of the impact - often unacknowledged - of process theology is one of Kaufman's major contributions to the work of contemporary Jewish theology. . . . Kaufman's book serves as the best argument for the importance of the exchange between Jewish and process theologians for which he pleads. . . . Kaufman's work is a milestone for that broader inquiry." - Conservative Judaism

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