Evil and Evolutionary Eschatology Two Essays

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Casserley subsumes history into biological evolution and defends humanism from the perspective of eschatology.


"I highly recommend this work to all Christians who want to think out their faith in a reasonable way. It brings to bear on Christian Theology some of the insights of great thinkers of this century, including the scientific and theological insights of Teilhard de Chardin. This short work is packed with exciting theological challenges. It should be in every theological library." - John Morden

". . . the most constructive contribution Casserley makes is to reformulate, analogically and aesthetically, ideas about the power of God, shifting it dramatically from a coercive power to a power of attraction. . . . A short, nicely produced book with a good index. . . . It will be of interest to students of twentieth century theological thought and especially to those interested in the influence of Teilhard de Chardin." - Theological Book Review

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