Evangelical Alliance for the United States of America, 1847-1900. Ecumenism, Identity, and the Religion of the Republic

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The first book-length treatment and analysis of the ecumenical significance of the American branch of the Evangelical Alliance, a voluntary movement of certain leaders of about ten mainline denominations.

"Offers a number of important insights" _ Church History


"This solidly documented monograph makes an important contribution to the understanding of American religious history in the last half of the nineteenth century. . . . the author's interpretation of the American Alliance's history is developed with keen awareness of the broader context of the religious life of the time. . . . its story, competently interpreted in this careful work based largely on primary sources and completed with a good bibliography and index, does provide an important chapter in American church history, of particular importance for understanding the religious scene between Civil and World wars." - International Bulletin of Missionary Research

"This is a very useful volume for the study of nineteenth-century ecumenism in general and Presbyterian cooperative impulses in particular. . . . Jordan has contributed to our understanding of the ecumenical movement and has opened up new paths for further exploration." - Journal of Protestant History

"Jordan convincingly argues that both liberal and conservative Protestant organizations should look to the Alliance for their roots. Recommended for graduate students, faculty, and upper-division undergraduates." – Choice

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