Evaluating the Scholarly Achievement of Professor Elvi Whittaker. Essays in Philosophical Anthropology

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This interdisciplinary anthology examines the relation between fieldwork, knowledge, values and regional identities from a wide range of angles and perspectives. It contains 12 essays that discuss and develop understandings of the relationship between metaphysics and ethics.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1.
Intellect and Conscience in the Human Sciences
- (G.V. Loewen)

Section I: Ethnography

Chapter 2.
Meeting Strangers: The Rules of Engagement - (Monique Layton)
Chapter 3. Wilderness Journeys and Thinking with Anthropology - (Ken Andrews)
Chapter 4. Through a Forest Darkly: (un)homely stories in bone and ink and potter's clay... - (Patricia Palulis)
Chapter 5. Being Part of: Passing Words and Lasting Contacts - (Mike Robinson)

Section II: Epistemology

Chapter 6.
'Anthropology is Good to Think With' - (Shelley Ruth Butler)
Chapter 7. Interpretation in Anthropology: The state of the VBC Department at the Height of Elvi Whittaker's Influence - (G.V. Loewen)
Chapter 8. The Partial Knowledge of Dominant Social Locations: Parsing out Ideology from Situated Knowledge(s) - (Jennifer L. Heller)
Chapter 9. The Evaluated... - (Kevin Kelpin)

Section III: Ethics

Chapter 10.
Reflexive Anthropology and Research Ethics: Elvi Whittaker's Contributions - (Virginia Olesen)
Chapter 11. Tuberculosis and the Ethics of Global Health Care -(Peter H. Stephenson and Elizabeth Woodward)
Chapter 12. Ethical Fieldwork in Unethical Fields - (G.V. Loewen)


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