Ethical Dilemmas in Modern Medicine. A Physician's Viewpoint

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A series of essays, written by a practicing physician, on a wide variety of topics in medical ethics: clinical uncertainty; moral pluralism; paternalism; AIDS; organ procurement; physicians' involvement in executions; abortion; age as a factor in medical decision-making; sustaining life in a permanently acognitive patient; dementia; disagreement among patient, family, and physician; withholding nutritional support for the hopelessly ill; and the matter of who decides to write a DNR (do not resuscitate) order.


"The book can be of help to the general reader as an introduction to an excellent range of issues in medical ethics as seen by someone who deals with them daily . . . . [It] is very heartening to see a practicing physician grapple with some of the most important topics in medical ethics." - Journal of Medical Humanities and Bioethics

"[Loewy's] approach is humane, reflective, rich in literary and historical allusions, broadly utilitarian." - Choice

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