English People in Scotland: An Invisible Minority

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This work examines and quantifies the English minority experience in Scotland during a period in the nation’s history when devolution and the establishment of the Scottish Parliament have apparently led to a growing strengthening of Scottish identity.


“The case presented in this book is a more positive one, posing the question of what kind of belonging an inclusive, differentiated, plural society can offer where peoples share a common language and code of conduct, yet continue to identify in culturally distinctive ways. The future is not dark, but it is far more unproblematic.” - Prof. Allan Findlay, University of Dundee

“This scholarly work addresses this neglected aspect of Scottish society in an engaging and sophisticated manner.” - Prof. James Mitchell, University of Strathclyde

“. . . revisits many arguments which have been mooted over the years about the English and Scottish relationship—but it is the [authors’] positioning of this from a perspective of the English in Scotland that allows for a fresh and challenging view.” - Prof. Murray Leith, University of Paisley

"This thoughtful, wide-ranging monograph adds significantly to understanding of the history of Anglo-Scots relationships." -- Prof. Ian Glover, University of Abertay

Table of Contents

List of Tables
Foreword by Prof. Allan Findlay
1. Studying English People in Scotland
2. Quantifying the English Presence
3. Identity and Difference
4. Attitudes to English People
5. English People in Scotland: Recording Their Personal Experiences
6. Attitudes to Scotland and Anti-English Attitudes
7. Identity and Belonging
8. Conclusions

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