England, Prussia, and the Seven Years War Studies in Alliance Policies and Diplomacy

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Contributes toward re-assessment of the Anglo-Prussian alliance and illuminates the mechanics of the international system of the period. Relies extensively on previously unconsulted official and private papers.

Winner of the Adele Mellen Prize for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship


". . . valuable . . . underscores the vital, often overlooked nexus between domestic political crises and international ones, and the role of popular opinion. . . . Insightful too is Schweizer's analysis . . . . a sound analysis of certain problems that arose between England and Prussia during the Seven Years War based on archival sources in London, Paris, Hanover, Moscow, and Merseburg. The use of Prussian sources is particularly valuable for historians given the traditionally difficult access to that archive. . . . Diplomatic historians have much to learn from this book." - Albion

". . . a study that addresses recent work and reveals an enviable mastery of European and North American scholarship . . . . Schweizer accurately gauges alliances as dynamic entities and employs this perspective to discuss the Anglo-Prussian alliance. . . . this book is exciting precisely because its author ranges widely intellectually and yet anchors his study on a firm grasp of the material. It is a major achievement and deserves considerable praise." - Jeremy Black in Scholarly Research and Review

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