Emil Nolde and German Expressionism a Prophet in His Own Land

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By exploring the development of Nolde's art and the intellectual sources which influenced it, this book examines the popular notions of nature mysticism and cultural chauvinism known as Volkish ideology which were prevalent in Germany from 1870 - 1933. The nature of Nolde's unique contribution to German Expressionism is clarified when viewed against this historical background.


"Bradley explores the sources of Nolde's creative intuitions: his derivations from earlier, Romantic traditions; his passionate identification with Volkist roots, which for him assumed mythic proportion; and his mystical belief that the true artist mediates between individualistic experience and cosmic awareness. The author develops these ideas with due attention to the cultural and political climate of the time. . . . Recommended for upper-division undergraduates and graduate students." - Choice

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