Elsa Triolet and Louis Aragon

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This book fills a gap by acquainting the English-speaking public with the life and works of Louis Aragon and his wife Elsa Triolet, both novelists. It performs the ambitious task of presenting these two writers, not side by side, but together, as they themselves wanted to be studied. In 1964, they started the interwoven publication of their fictional works, stressing that neither of them could be understood without reference to the other. The work examines their early years, then analyzes the works of the two writers in the light of the fruitful exchange of experiences, emotions, and ideas which went on between them.


" ... an eminently readable and informative production, which adopts a lively and pioneering 'parallel lives' approach to the famous 'couple' of Communist writers ... the study succeeds admirably in renewing interest in two accomplished writers whose art can now be reassessed in the light of post-totalitarian Communism." - The Year's Work in Modern Language

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