El Tema De La Simulacion En El Teatro De Cinco Paises Hispano Americanos Del Siglo 20th: The Theme of Imposters in Five Hispanic American/caribbean Plays of the Twentieth Century

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This book investigates the theme of imposters in three Hispanic American plays and two Caribbean plays from the early twentieth century. The author has selected each play from a different country so that the scholarship presents a broader perspective of Hispanic American and Caribbean themes. In these five plays, the main characters fabricate their own identities for various reasons. My focus is on analyzing those imposters and on presenting how the dramatists present these types of imposters in their works.
Identity is one of the most prominent themes in Hispanic American and Caribbean literature because the history of these regions involves a long period of European colonization. As a result of this colonization the cultures of these regions imitated European culture for centuries. For this reason the act of constructing a distinct American identity has been a struggle for these writers. The five plays analyze this struggle by depicting main characters that pretend to be someone else and abandon their own identity. I have analyzed the imposters and incorporated findings from various studies that make a connection between the play and Hispanic American and Caribbean history.


“Nishida has chosen a group of representative dramatic works from twentieth-century authors in Latin America. These are studied in the context of their own culture, that is, without ignoring their peculiar features.”
Prof. Oscar Rivera-Rodas,
University of Tennessee

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