El Pesimismo En Tres Novelas Dominicanas De La Posguerra: de abril en adelante, Curriculum (el sindrome de la visa) y La otra Penelope

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On April 24, 1965, a civil revolt broke out in the Dominican Republic. Dominicans were split into two factions that fought and inflicted material losses and psychological wounds on the nation. The fight ended on April 28, 1965, with an American military intervention. A post-war literature emerged after the intervention, ushering in the period of modern Dominican literature. Dominican writers preferred poetry and short stories to express their feelings about the war, although novels and plays were also written. This book studies three Dominican novels based on the April 1965 post-war period.


“Through a close reading of three novels by Dominican authors, Dr. Tejada legitimizes Dominican narrative and the historiographical account of both the civil war of April 1965 and its aftermath ... the author’s study is groundbreaking for profiling the heretofore little understood novels of a historic period that has likewise been overlooked ... Her study confirms the literary value of the novels studied given their complexity and transcendence as works of art. The historiographic importance of these novels is also underscored by demanding a reviewing of a desolate period in Dominican history. It is only by understanding one’s past that one can hope to construct a future.” – (from the Preface) Professor Isabel Zakrzewski Brown, University of South Alabama

“Dominican literature has been the focus of a number of studies, specifically in regard to the social root of its discourse and the sentiments of depression, injustice, and political abuse. This book enters into the new and exciting arena of the historic aspects of the Dominican literature as it relates to the most recent war, social divisions, frustration, pessimism, and escapism. The author has accurately selected the three novels analyzed to corroborate her thesis about the pessimism that permeates society in these works ... this book has applicability to any literature or culture course that deals with social literature and the literature of the intervention ... this work deserves to be shared with the academic community and society in general.” – Professor Clementina R. Adams, Clemson University

“While the history of the Dominican Republic and its people are in a constant re-writing process, this study offers an in-depth analysis of this country’s modern history throughout literature. By studying three novels, the author gives insight of the life, the living reality and the consciousness of Dominican people after the 1965 April Revolt and the North American intervention ... Dr. Tejada goes beyond the historical events and depicts the psychological effects caused by the intervention to the people ...” – Professor Sintia E. Molina, St. Francis College, Brooklyn

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