El Circulo Del Exilio Y La EnajenaciÓn En La Obra De Reinaldo Arenas

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This analysis shows that Arenas’ work is one of exile and alienation. Arenas, as a human being as well as an author, suffered all forms of exile, and these influence the structure of his work. In his literary work, as well as in his life, are present all the definitions of exile given by sociology; that of inner exile, to which Arenas added a new characteristic, and that of territorial exile as well. His work represents the vision of the marginated, imprisoned, persecuted, rejected. The purpose of his novels and poetry is to reveal, from a historical reconstruction, the explanation of Cuba’s constant political problems. In Spanish.


“. . . provides a new perspective on the subject of exile and alienation, which critics have not covered adequately until now. She focuses on the living man, and through rigorous academic analysis – albeit not devoid of great sensitivity – she shows us the torn life of a present age man. The research goes beyond the evident: it can be said that it dives into the depths of Arenas’ writings, while the themes discovered transcend geography and history – Cuba, Miami, new York – and become universal.” – Conny Palacios

“. . . presents a solid understanding of the writer and his works, as she explores the relevance of exile in all its forms, both in the author and in his texts. She covers his essays, his narrative fiction, his autobiography and his poetry in a personal style that makes the book a joy to read on one of Cuba’s most distinguished writers during the second half of the twentieth century, a writer who performed his task ‘from the margins’.” - Omar García-Obregón

Table of Contents

Table of contents (chapter headings):
Prefacio, Introducción
1. Los ensayso, la poética del exilio
2. Antes que anochezca: confesión y testimonios de una conciencia enajenada
3. El círculo infernal del exilio
4. Tres instancias hacia la liberación y la autenticidad
5. La poesía. La trascendencia por la lucha
Bibliografia: Indice Onomástico

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