El Cid and King Arthur as Hegemonic Myths in the Christianization of the Iberian Peninsula and Britain

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"The argument of the book demonstrates not only how Iberian and British authors adapt these two key historical figures as paradigmatic Christian heroes of historical importance. It also argues that both legends draw on tales and images of earlier iconic figures from the Greco-Roman tradition, the military saints of Byzantium." -Jennifer Goodman Wollock (Foreword)

Table of Contents

Introduction. Cultural Mythmaking and Political Legitimacy

Part One. Mythmaking and Shapeshifting of El Cid as Hegemonic Myth
Chapter One. Mythopoeia of El Cid and Complex Cultural Iconosystems
Chapter Two. The Origin of Spanish Epic and Byzantium's Presence in the Iberian Peninsula
Chapter Three. The Impact of Byzantium in El Cid's Mythopoeia
Chapter Four. Intericonic Phenomenology: The Internal Cultural Dialectic of the Good Vassal
Chapter Five. Diegetic Parallel Between Cidian and Arthurian Narratives

Part Two. From the Mythmaking of King Arthur to the United Kingdom
Chapter One. King Arthur's Shapeshifting
Chapter Two. The Christianization of Britain
Chapter Three. The Matter of the Myth: Different Approaches
Chapter Four. The Impact of Judeo-Christian Narratives on the Arthurian Mythopeia
Chapter Five. Stages in Arthur's Mythopoeia
Chapter Six. Arthur and the Byzantine Iconosystem
Chapter Seven. Hagiography and Arthur's Mythopoeia

Part Three. "Gone are the Days of the Knights."
Chapter One. Shaping the Language of Power: Between the Epic and the Chronicle, a Necessary Shift
Chapter Two. The End of the Chivalric World and Literature in England and Spain

Appendix: El Cid and King Arthur in Cyber culture. From Myth to Cybermyth

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