Eight Late Victorian Poets Shaping the Artistic Sensibility of an Age Alice Meynell, John Davidson, Francis Thompson, Mary Coleridge, Katharine Tynan, Arthur Symons, Ernest Dowson, Lionel Johnson

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This study examines a confused and confusing literary period by examining the minor poets of that time. The minor poets were then, as are the minor poets of today, extremely important in forming and shaping the artistic patterns of their time. For each of the poets there is a brief biographical sketch, an examination of the literary influences on each, major themes, ideas and motifs, and representative poems.


"Her book is one that will provide both students and teachers of British literature with a much needed concise source of reference material on several important, but admittedly minor poets. . . . she has rescued them from numerous preconceived ideas about them and their work, ideas derived from attempts to find a larger significance for them by grouping them in ultimately meaningless schools and from attempts to generate interest in their work by sensationalizing their lives." - Conrad D. Festa

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