Effect of a North American Free Trade Agreement on the Commonwealth Caribbean

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This timely study assesses the possible impact of a NAFTA on the Commonwealth or English-speaking countries of the Caribbean. The theory and practice of free trade are discussed, as well as the Enterprise for the Americas Initiative and the question of regional integration among the Caribbean countries. Written by a former diplomat and political scientist with considerable knowledge of the region, this study includes important primary and secondary research. Most notable are the views of leading regional personalities from both the public and private sectors in the Caribbean and North America. This represents one of the first definitive pieces of research into an issue which is still taking shape and upon which policy analysts in the region should take a leading interest.


"Hosten-Craig arrived at her conclusions after having carefully analyzed the voluminous documentation as well as having carried out over 200 interviews. . . . Excerpts from these interviews when blended with the quantitative data and other analyses make very compelling reading indeed. This is a very interesting, well-conceived and well-carried out study and well reflects the author's experience in a number of areas, viz., political science and policy studies, law, broadcast and other media interviewing, and diplomacy (former High Commissioner of Grenada to Canada). It is not often that one finds an author with all the background ingredients necessary to carry out a study such as this." - Bruce A. McFarlane

"The essential strength of this study is that the author thoroughly understands the multidisciplinary complexities of her subject. Hosten-Craig grasps trade economics, how international financial institutions work, and what human costs "structural adjustment policies" require. She understands Canadian, U.S. and Caribbean politics. She appreciates the Caribbean's delicate socio-economic and cultural ecology, and its regional integration problems. all of this she conveys in clear and simple language. Unbiased and untainted by conventional ideology, her message is powerful." - Jon Alexander in The Spectrum

"... a must-read for those interested in the economic, political and social order of the region." - V. Seymour Wilson, President of the Canadian Political Science Association

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