Eastern European Societies on the Threshold of Change

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These academic analyses of social problems and processes give a comprehensive, deep, and multi-dimensional view of East European societies. The volume is addressed to a broad audience, not only to specialists in social sciences. It examines revolution, legitimation of power, social conflict, second economy, etc., concentrating on reality of social life and not on abstract ideas and concepts.


"... offers us a sound, theoretically cautious overview of the characteristics of state socialist societies as they approached the system breakdown. The essays of the volume offer an interesting mix of macro and micro perspectives. . . . Scholars who try to understand the collapse of communism and who begin to work on the nature of post-communist social order will find this volume of great value both conceptually and empirically." - Ivan Szelenyi

"These societies of contemporary Eastern Europe offer an extraordinary opportunity to apply the comparative method to social reality in virtual laboratory-like circumstances . . . Eastern Europe on the Threshold of Change is just the sort of collection we need to help us get the similarities and differences straight from the start. I recommend it not just to area specialists, but also to those working on other parts of the world who are anxious to know whether and how Eastern Europe fits into the broader picture of democratization and privatization." - Philippe Schmitter

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