Early Morning on Castaway Street

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". . . builds an aesthetic wrought in the lonely beauty of survival for a woman who relishes quietude and children, the simple buzz of bees, the imagination's marvelous making over of stuff which turns to poems, memory." - The Pilot

". . . a triumphant second book of poems by Patricia Claire Peters, author of When Last I Saw You. The main concern of these poems is with loneliness, isolation, illness and the solace life offers for these afflictions. The settings are those of humdrum life, the life of the poor or poor in spirit: a bus stop, a bedroom, McDonald's, a park bench. The language for the most part is the speech of the ordinary person, but a speech that is transformed in passages to a marvelous lyricism. . . . This small volume of poems creates a landscape, objects and people, and at its center a speaker expressing fears, loneliness and hope, a speaker who sees into the meaning of her world, which we discover is our world shown to us under a new light." - from the Introduction by Robert Watson

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