Duarte Ribeiro De Macedo, Um Diplomata Modern (1618-1680): A Biography of a Portuguese Diplomat

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This study examines the process of creating modern diplomacy - starting from the concrete case of Portugal - and its contribution in defining the foreign policy of European states and developing international relations It includes the impact of the relations with states on home policy at a time when the concept of Europe gradually started to replace the mediaeval notion of Christendom.


“In this work the bureaucratic harshness of reports is diluted, as are the coldness and insults included in both official and private correspondence. Its complexity is analysed in a well-balanced fashion on a human scale, and the personality and acts undertaken by Duarte Ribeiro de Macedo are respected as are those of many others who encounter him in the paths of their lives. This work emerges as an attractive and remarkable statement of the 17th century and life in those times, with their own specific events and unalterable bases of existence, at a level which overlaps the experiences which occur. One must recognise the fact that works of this nature are always produced by hardworking persistence, acute sensitivity and a great amount of talent.” – Prof. Pedro Mario Soares Martinez, Lisbon University

“[This work] provides us with new data leading to a broader perception of international relations at a time when the European order was of a familiar dimension, war was seen as a dual on a larger scale and peace was merely theoretical.” – Prof Antonio Dias Farinha, Lisbon University

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