Democratization and Modernization in a Multilingual Cameroon

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A dual analysis of internal forces for democratization and proposed mechanisms for sustaining Cameroon's democratic and modernization efforts. It proposes that for multilingual and multiethnic Cameroon to consolidate national unity and sustain democracy, a federal constitution and government structure are critical.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. Reasons for Political Protests in Africa (External Political Factors; Internal Political Factors; Internal Economic Factors; Political Protests in Cameroon)
2. Democratization and Modernization (The Notions of Democratization; The Disparities in Democratization; Contending Perspectives of Modernization; Inherent Assumptions of Modernization)
3. Re-Thinking Democratization and Modernization (Explaining Democratization and Modernization)
4. Cameroon Politics in the Ahidjo Era (The Background of Cameroon; Independence and Reunification; Creation and Operation of the Authoritarian State; The Forging of a Unitary State)
5. Towards Democracy (Paul Biya as President; Political Protests and State Response; Struggles for Linguistic Unity)
6. Political Economy Today
7. The Cameroon Paradox
8. Conclusion; Future Research

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