Defamiliarization in the Work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez From 1947-1967

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An original approach to the work of the Colombian Nobel laureate, painstakingly researched and documented to show the essential unity that underlies his works even when they differ in form.


". . . a good deal of solid textual analysis which will be of general use to students and of interest to specialists as well. . . . there is much illuminating exposition of how structural and linguistic devices bring out or reinforce mood, character traits and social or universal issues. . . . the aforementioned analytical insights are accompanied by a useful overview of existing criticism, sensibly and unobtrusively confined to the notes appended to the main text." - Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispanicos

". . . Mose has shed new light on García Marquez's work by examining it from a different perspective. His impeccably documented monograph should appeal to students and scholars investigating the oeuvre of Latin America's best novelist." -- George McMurray in Revista Hispánica Moderna

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