D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation: A Guide for Filmmakers, Critics, and Scholars

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What has truly been needed, especially with today's cinematic revolution, nationally as well as internationally, is a specific handbook or guide-book that will assist the cinephile (artist or scholar) to obtain a more serious, intensive "handle" or grip on understanding the elements that comprise each and every film; to get a firm grasp on those intricate codes within a film that motivate viewers.


“… Dr. Simcovitch had the foresight to conquer what has been sorely compulsory, necessary and indispensable in the sphere of film criticism: a volume specifically and sincerely, devoted in seriously analyzing film for scholars. This miraculous handbook has the ingredients in assisting scholars, future film directors and critics.”
Dr. Peter Haratonik,
New York University

Table of Contents

I. Introduction: The Purpose of Cinematic Deconstruction

II. The Testing Model: D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation

III. The Social and Analytical Significance of The Birth of a Nation

IV. Deconstruction: The Critical Methodology - The Variable Indicator System

V. The Full Critical Analysis of The Birth of a Nation

VI. "Totalizing"- Major Analytical Conclusions and Summary

VII. Appendix: Shot-by-Shot Screenplay of The Birth of a Nation

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