Cultural other in Nineteenth-Century Travel Narratives

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This book explores issues of representation and cultural negotiation in nineteenth-century travel narratives, focusing on writers from the United States who traveled to Latin America and Latin American writers who traveled to North America. Such a cross-cultural study of travel literature reveals the discursive processes of national formation in both the United States and Latin America. This book contains eight black and white photographs.


“Miguel Cabañas, by delving with vigor and depth into the complexities of travel narrative discourse, has produced a study that clearly belongs to this scholarly tradition.” - Dr. Miguel Gomes, Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature, University of Connecticut

“Miguel A. Cabañas book is an exciting example of the new wave of ‘inter-American’ or hemispheric American studies, a trend in truly comparative research undertaken by scholars equally knowledgeable in U.S. and Latin American cultures.” - Dr. Robert McKee Irwin, Associate Professor of Spanish, University of California - Davis

“Professor Cabañas is particularly attentive to the ways in which these nineteenth-century travelers engaged the conventions of travel writing for the purposes of nation-building, and how their travel narratives served imperial purposes, more often intentionally than not.” - Dr. Lois Parkinson Zamora, Professor of English, University of Houston

Table of Contents

Foreword by Miguel Gomes, Ph.D.
1 Putting the World in Order: John Lloyd Stephen’s Narration of America
2 North of Eden: Romance and Conquest in Fanny Calderón de la Barca’s Life in Mexico
3 In Search of “America”: The Rhetoric of Travel in Domingo Faustino Sarmiento’s Viajes en Europa, África i América
4 Traveling with Your “Type”: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Agassiz’s A Journey in Brazil
5 With a Colt, a Brush, and a Pen: George Catlin’s Preservation of the Indian
6 Wandering through the House: Fanny Chambers Gooch’s Face to Face with the Mexicans
7 Democratic Degradation of the New World and Spanish American Regeneration in Marti’s Escenas Norteamericanas
8 Conclusion

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