Critique of Musicology: Clarifying the Scope, Limits, and Purposes of Musicology

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A phenomenological study of music that describes the history of musicology from the time of Pythagoras through the 19th-century movements. Includes bibliography, three appendices, and an index.


"Kimmey attempts nothing less than a systematic survey of the problems of musical knowledge _ practical, historical, and speculative _ from classical antiquity through the late 19th century. But his book is rather more than a mere recapitulation of `musicology' . . . . On the contrary, this book offers historians a number of cogent observations on how writers from Aristotle to Guido Adler and from Philippe de Vitry to François Fétis viewed music, the art of composition, and the practical matters of performance." - Choice

"The compendious survey of historical musicology is the book's most valuable feature." - Continuo

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