Critical Edition of Josephine Lawrence’s years are So Long (1934)

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This critical edition is the first to examine and return to print, a glimpse of the relationship between adult children and their elderly parents in Depression-era America. Years Are So Long presents the difficulties of both parents and grown children with equal dispassion, judging neither parents nor children as they cope with painful circumstances. Yet, without alluding to contemporary debate on the care for the elderly, Years Are So Long makes the terms of that debate painfully vivid for the reader.


“The coming of FDR, and later, significant reforms and initiatives such Social Security, The War On Poverty, Medicare, and the improved retirement benefits have mitigated the most egregious abuses of nineteenth century laissez faire capitalism. However, even today, in the richest country in the world, many slip through the cracks slip through the social safety net. Josephine Lawrence’s Years Are So Long is a poignant, cautionary tale.”
Prof. Charles Elkins, Florida International University

" In an academic world where the university presses generally do not support critical editions the way they used to, it is fortunate that there are still scholars such as Associate Professor McIntire who nevertheless puruse that noble genre. ... Thus in its matter, this critical edition of Lawrence's book is both sound and timely."
- Prof. Richard P. Sugg, Florida International University

"Professor McIntire presents to a newer audience the popular in her day Newark, NJ and New York City-based journalist and author Josephine Lawrence (1889-1978) through an annotated version of one of her more enduring works. This edition of one of Lawrence's major works is recommended for both scholars and those personally confronting the issue of aging in American society as well as fans of the film (whose ending was much more optimistic than the novel from which it was derived.)"
Frederick J. Augustyn, Library of Congress
"The Journal of American Culture," September 2013

Table of Contents

Foreword by Charles Elkins, Ph.D.

Critical Introduction


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Years Are So Long

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve


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